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Via Claudia Augusta

Themed trail from Roman times

Almost 2000 years ago the Romans built the only imperial state road over the Alps - the Via Claudia Augusta. It stretched from the Adriatic town of Altinum near Venice over the Reschen and Fern Passes to the Danube and for centuries formed the most important connection between the Roman motherland and the rich provinces in the north. Today the Via Claudia Augusta is an interesting themed trail with great cultural value.

Starting from Donauwörth (D), the varied route leads over the Fernpass and the Reschenpass to Ostiglia (I). The Via Claudia Augusta documentation center is located in Fliess with all the finds from the Tyrolean section. All sections of the Via Claudia Augusta and many other beautiful bike tours in the Tirol West holiday region can be found on the interactive map.

ATTENTION: Find out about current locks on the Fernpass. It is generally advisable to cross the Fernpasshöhe to Fernstein, for example by bus , as the road is very narrow and dangerous with trucks. It's forbidden to travel by bike across the road on the Austrian side from Kajetansbrücke towards Nauders.

If you want to cycle the route, you have to go via Martina / Martinsbruck (Switzerland) - to the route.

Landeck - Reschenpass
1710 m
1010 m
58.5 km

Landeck - Reschenpass

From Landeck by mountain bike along the historic Via Claudia Augusta via Fließ up to the Reschenpass.

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Via Claudia Augusta: Landeck - Fernpass
750 m
1212 m
46 km

Via Claudia Augusta: Landeck - Fernpass

Landeck - Zams - along the Via Claudia Augusta or on the Inn Cycle Path to Schönwies - Mils - Imst - through the Gurgl Valley to Nassereith - Fern Pass (1,212 m)

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Bicycle bus to Nauders / Reschenpass (line 210)

Take the bus from Landeck to Nauders, from Pfunds the route must not be passed by bike.

History at the Via Claudia Augusta

Bike experience

Via Claudia Augusta over the millennia

Marvel at how the Via Claudia Augusta has developed over the millennia.

You will also receive the card as a print version in our offices.

The map through the millennia is also available for other regions along the Via Claudia Augusta. These can be found here.

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