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Genussberg Venet

The Venet cable car takes you in 8 minutes from 780 m to 2,208 m altitude to the Krahberg in the Venet massif - the most famous vantage point of the West Tyrolean mountains, with its unforgettable 365 ° panoramic view.

The Venet mountain station is the starting point for hikes on both challenging mountain trails, as well as on light forest roads or circular trails. From the mountain station of the Venetseilbahn, you will also enter the area of ​​the Kaunergrat Nature Park with its unique flora and fauna.

Due to its accessibility, the Genussberg Venet is also a highly attractive leisure and recreational area for people with limited mobility. With barrier-free infrastructure and best service, the small, fine leisure and holiday paradise on the Venet also invites wheelchair users and handicapped persons to a delightful, unique mountain experience on West Tyrol's most beautiful panoramic mountain.

Both the valley station and the mountain have spacious elevators and barrier-free access routes.
The popular Venet Panorama Restaurant also proves to be wheelchair-friendly from the inside.

The freedom of movement in the alpine terrain is limited, but the breathtaking 360 ° panorama can also be enjoyed on the Panorama Trail, the "Path of the View". Thus, the Venet also offers unforgettable impressions in summit regions for guests who are restricted in their mobility.
Please note that only wheelchairs with a maximum width of 85 cm can be transported!
When getting in and out of the mountain railway staff is happy to help.
From 60% reduction in earning capacity you will receive a discount on the normal rate. (Not for accompanying persons.)
For more information see Humana Raetica .
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Name:Venet Bergbahnen
Street / number:Hauptstraße 38
Zip code:6511


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From Landeck-Zams Bahnhof, Österreich to Genussberg Venet

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Highlights on the Venet

Venet Bob - die Alpenachterbahn

Auf der Ganzjahres-Bobbahn wird auf einer Länge von über 800 Metern wahres Achterbahn-Feeling. Schnittige Kurven und rasante Geraden garantieren Action-Fun hoch über den Wolken bei einer Maximalgeschwindigkeit von bis zu 40 km/h.

Observatorium Venet - Sternwarte

Die Sternwarte am Venet ist die einzige Tirols. Sie bietet die einmalige Chance in die Welt der Sonne und des Nachthimmels einzutauchen und einen ungestörten Blick in die Sterne zu werfen.

Meranzalm mountain hiking nature tour

Free alpine hike on the Venet - from the mountain station of the Venetseilbahn at 2,212 m, probably the most famous panoramic mountain in West Tyrol, the circular hiking trail leads comfortably through pine forests to the Meranzalm and then via the Bettlersteig to the Zammer Alm.

Venet circular route

The breathtaking view and the summit experience at the 2,512 m high Venet (Glanderspitze), as well as the culinary delights when stopping at one of the rustic alpine pastures make this circular hike an unforgettable experience.

Panoramic restaurant

Delight in a double sense prepares you at the Venet the Panorama Restaurant. In view of the view of the breathtaking mountain scenery, even a small snack becomes a feast.

Storage pond

The pond is approx. 25 minutes from the middle station of the Venetseilbahn and 10 minutes from the Zammer Alm.

Huts & pastures

Visit one of the seven pastures and huts. Enjoy the warm hospitality of the landlords and the incredible mountain panorama.

Hiking on the Venet

From a small excursion to a big tour, there is something for everyone on the Venet

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