TirolWest Card Basic

Free offers from just one night!

TirolWest Card Basic

Free offers of the holiday region TirolWest from 1 night minimum stay!

You will receive the TirolWest Card free of charge in your accommodation if you stay one night or more in our region. Enjoy the many advantages such as free bus driving or free entry to museums, swimming pools or the Zammer Lochputz (Tyrol´s mystical gorge). Our free guided hiking tours are an absolute highlight.
We invite you to be our guest and get all the benefits.
TirolWest Card Basic


Name:TVB TirolWest
Town:Landeck - Zams - Fließ - Tobadill - Grins - Stanz


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From Landeck-Zams Bahnhof, Österreich to TirolWest Card Basic

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In areas ofAnreise in die Region, Wege, Nature jewel, point of history, Museum & exhibition, Swimming, Highlights am Venet, guided hike

Bus lines summer

Anreise in die Region: Bus lines summer

With the TirolWest Card and the TirolWest Card Premium you can use all public bus lines in the Landeck district free of charge.

Genussberg Venet

Wege: Genussberg Venet

The Venet cable car takes you in 8 minutes from 780 m to 2,212 m altitude to the Krahberg in the Venet massif - the most famous vantage point of the West Tyrolean mountains, with its unforgettable 365 ° panoramic view.

Zammer Lochputz

Nature jewel: Zammer Lochputz

The popular destination Zammer Lochputz fascinates with dizzying insights into one of the most beautiful wild water in Tyrol.

Landeck Castle

point of history: Landeck Castle

Discover Landeck Castle with its local history museum, the Schlossgalerie and its events.

Archaeological Museum

Museum & exhibition: Archaeological Museum

The archaeological museum in Fliess contains finds (weapons, jewelery, coins, ...) from the prehistoric burnt-offering site at the Gachen Blick as well as a Bronze Age treasure trove from Moosbruckschrofen and the Hallstatt-era Bronzehort of Fließ.

Documentation Center VCA

Museum & exhibition: Documentation Center VCA

The Documentation Center Via Claudia Augusta documents the Roman Kaiserstraße. In the display cases, finds from the Via Claudia Augusta and a copy of the Tabula Peutingeriana, the only surviving Roman road map, can be admired.

Swimming pool grins

Swimming: Swimming pool grins

Beautifully nestled in the sunny hillside terraces of the holiday region Tyrol West lies the outdoor swimming pool Grins at the foot of the Lechtal Alps.

Swimming Pool Flow

Swimming: Swimming Pool Flow

The outdoor pool Fließ is located at about 1100m, is heated and offers a wonderful panoramic view!

Swimming pool Landeck

Swimming: Swimming pool Landeck

The pool Perjen would have a lot to tell, because it is an old bathroom, but still always at the state of things.

Genussroute Tiroler Edle   Chocolate enjoyment at the highest level

Highlights am Venet: Genussroute Tiroler Edle Chocolate enjoyment at the highest level

The Tyrolean noble is a special chocolate from the milk of Tyrol gray cattle. The Tyrolean gray cattle spend their summer holidays on the steep slopes of the panoramic mountain Venet.

Gourmet Route Tyrolean Alpine herbs

guided hike: Gourmet Route Tyrolean Alpine herbs

Discover the world of herbs and medicinal plants in the rhythm of the annual cycle. The Zammer Kräuterhex Michaela Thöni-Kohler accompanies her expertly.

Delightful route Stanzer Zwetschke

guided hike: Delightful route Stanzer Zwetschke

The sheltered sunny location, the dry and warm climate, skillful irrigation and the diligence of the locals were in Stanz a plum paradise. Of the 160 households in the community, 53 exercise the distillery law. There, too, grows the well-known "Stanzer Zwetschke", which makes the village one of the numerous pleasure regions in Austria.

Genussroute Quellkeimlinge   Crunchy on sprout tracks

guided hike: Genussroute Quellkeimlinge Crunchy on sprout tracks

Delicate green sprouting from single grains is known as sprouts. The addition of high-quality, first-class spring water, the seed develops into a tasty, vitamin-rich seedling. Sprouts of various vegetable seeds and legumes are produced in Toni's sprout garden in Landeck.

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