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Wiesenberg Round

Beautiful circular walk in Grins with a magnificent view of Wiesberg Castle and the famous Trisanna Bridge.

A beautiful circular walk on the sunny Brennereiplateau starts at the parish church in Grins and leads to Gmar. From Gmar it goes on up to Grist and in a nice round along the driveway back down to Gmar and then back to the parish church Grins.


Starting point:1040
Path surface:Asphalt
Arrival, public transport:Buslinie 4244
Difficulty:average / red mountain path

Type of Route

Loop tour:Yes


Name:TVB TirolWest
Street / number:Hauptplatz 6
Zip code:6511

Altitude Profile

GPS Track


Recommendable for Wiesenberg Round

In areas ofchurches and chapels, fountains with drinkable water, discover what moves you inside, parking areas - garage

Parish church Grins

churches and chapels: Parish church Grins

The parish church of Grins is dedicated to St. Nicholas. 1434, the parish church was mentioned as "sand Niklaws churches to Grins" documentary. The present rococo church was built in 1775.

Heilwasserbrunnen Grins

fountains with drinkable water: Heilwasserbrunnen Grins

Drinking water and mineral spring at the village square in Grins.

Album bath Grins

discover what moves you inside: Album bath Grins

In the Albenbad in Grins you can even experience the power of the healing springs in the form of Kneipp, drinking and spa treatments.

Parking parish church Grins

parking areas - garage: Parking parish church Grins

Parking at the parish church in Grins.

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