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In the footsteps of the Romans

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09:30 O'Clock
Repeat: weekly unitl 26.09.2023

On the traces of the Romans it goes into the nature park municipality of Fließ. The start is at 09:30 - starting from the parish church of Landeck, you hike up to Landeck Castle and continue along the forest road to the junction with the narrower path in the direction of Fließer Platte, where you can even discover the wagon tracks of the Romans. Then continue along the sunny slopes, past the beautiful double-towered Barbara Church to the center of Fließ with the Archaeological Museum and the Documentation Center Via Claudia

Duration of the hike about 2.5 hours. Hike free of charge with the TirolWest Card.

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from Landeck-Zams Bahnhof, Österreich to Flie�

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