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Slamming the windows

01:00 O'Clock

Happiness is the only thing that doubles, if you share it, that seems to be the motto for one of the oldest customs in the TirolWest holiday region - disc hitting. To get good luck sharing this year again, young and old meet at Kas-Sunti. Landeck: in the districts of Bruggen, Angedair, Perfuchs, Perfuchsberg, Perjen and on the Trams, Zams: at the Riefenlift, Feuerwehrhalle Lahnbach, Stanz: in the village center, Grins: on the Eichigbühel and in Gurnau, Tobadill: on the village square

Landeck: Bruggen, Angedair, Perfuchs, Perfuchsberg, Perjen, Trams
Zams: Riefen lift, fire station Lahnbach
Punch: village center

Tobadill: village square

Grins: Eichigbühel, Gurnau

Tobadill: village square

The picture was provided by the Landeck fire brigade.

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Name:Tourismusverband TirolWest
Street:Hauptplatz 6
City:6511 Zams
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