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Theater "Fast Faust" Winkelbühne Prutz

20:15 O'Clock
Repeat: Daily unitl 01.07.2022

With "Fast Faust", a comedy in 2 acts by Albert Frank, the classic by J:W: von Goethe is presented to the audience in the Winkl cultural center in Prutz in a very amusing way. The balance between classic and comedy succeeds brilliantly and ensures extensive laughter towers.......Game days are Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Ticket reservation, exact dates and more information www.winklbuehne.at or Tel. +43.660.7721655

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Name:Winklbühne Prutz/Faggen
Street:Kulturzentrum Winkl
City:6522 Prutz

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From Landeck-Zams Bahnhof, Österreich to Prutz

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