Tramser Weiher - Kronburg return

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Tramser Weiher - Kronburg return

This trail leads from the trams on the Hammerlweg and Rifenal pilgrimage Kronburg.

You leave the car park on the trams and follow the Hammerlweg towards Rifenal. From there it goes to the left and you follow the forest road over to the pilgrimage Kronburg. Go back the same way.

TIP: You can start this route at the Stadtpfarrkirche Landeck. The total travel time increases by about 1 hour.

The TVB TirolWest assumes no liability for the accessibility of the winter hiking trails, as this depends on the weather and snow conditions.


Starting point:916
Destination point:950
Path surface:Forstweg, Fahrweg
Difficulty:average / red mountain path


Name:Tourismusverband TirolWest
Street / number:Hauptplatz 6
Zip code:6511

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Klösterle Kronburg Gasthof

hotels and inns: Klösterle Kronburg Gasthof

RECREATION AND RELAXATION ... Kronburg is the ideal place for that. We are located on a small hill between Landeck and Imst, are only accessible via an access road and thus have no through traffic.

Pilgrimage church Kronburg

SPW ET7 Highlights und Sehenswürdigkeiten: Pilgrimage church Kronburg

Through the miraculous healing of the child by Hans Lechleitner, Lechleitner and Johann Raimund Fieger of Kronburg had a portrait of the Virgin Mary painted and a chapel built.

Hotel Tramserhof

hotels and inns: Hotel Tramserhof

Majestically located above the adventure and shopping town of Landeck, nestled on the banks of a pond, surrounded by meadows and woods, just steps to the popular BADESEE - the TRAMSER WEIHER.

Tramser pond

#Fotopoint: Tramser pond

The bathing pond Trams is located in the recreation area Trams on a hill between Landeck and Zams.

Parish Church of the Assumption - Landeck

churches and chapels: Parish Church of the Assumption - Landeck

Today's parish church of the Assumption is based on a legend depicted in the parish church (the robbed children of a family were brought back by a wolf and a bear).

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