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Winter walking

Via Claudia Augusta

Even in winter, the hiking trail that leads along the 2000-year-old Via Claudia Augusta is a very special experience. With marvellous views, this hike offers lasting impressions.

Starting from the Landeck parish church, you hike up to Landeck Castle and continue along the forest road to the junction with the narrower path towards Fließer Platte, where you can even discover the wagon tracks of the Romans if there is little snow. Then continue along the sunny slopes, past the double-towered St Barbara's Church and on to the village of Fließ.
Return along the same route or take the public bus.

The TirolWest Tourism Association assumes no liability for the accessibility of the hiking trails in winter, as this depends on the weather and snow conditions

At a Glance

Difficulty level:medium difficulty / red mountain path


Starting point:817
Destination point:Gemeindeamt Fließ
Path surface:Fahrweg, Forstweg, Steig, Wiesenweg

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City:Landeck | Fließ

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Parish Church of the Assumption   Landeck

church - chapell: Parish Church of the Assumption Landeck

Today's parish church of the Assumption is based on a legend depicted in the parish church (the robbed children of a family were brought back by a wolf and a bear).

Landeck Castle

Family holidays: Landeck Castle

Discover Landeck Castle with its local history museum, the Schlossgalerie and its events.

Archaeological Museum

TirolWest-Card Sommer: Archaeological Museum

The archaeological museum in Fliess contains finds (weapons, jewelery, coins, ...) from the prehistoric burnt-offering site at the Gachen Blick as well as a Bronze Age treasure trove from Moosbruckschrofen and the Hallstatt-era Bronzehort of Fließ.

Documentation Center VCA

Kultur: Documentation Center VCA

The Documentation Center Via Claudia Augusta documents the Roman Kaiserstraße. In the display cases, finds from the Via Claudia Augusta and a copy of the Tabula Peutingeriana, the only surviving Roman road map, can be admired.

Barbarakirche   flow

point of history: Barbarakirche flow

On a plateau above the Inn valley at the western outskirts of the river rises the new parish church.

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