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Via Claudia Augusta

Via Claudia Augusta

An experience of a special kind for every ambitious athlete, with a wonderful view from the picturesque Sonnenhang Fliess, along the 2000-year-old Via Claudia Augusta offers the Via Claudia Augusta running and Nordic walking route.

The Via Claudia Augusta leads along the tracks of the ancient Romans - following from Donauwörth to Ostiglia. To master the Via Claudia on its own, challenges the body - 2000 years ago as today. But it is worth discovering the testimonies of the historical lifeline.
Entire streets, bridges, milestones - again and again you come upon remnants of the old street, its extensive infrastructure and the life that has taken place on and on it. The name "Via Claudia Augusta" comes from two Roman milestones found near Rabland and Cesio Maggiore. Many finds of the ancient Roman road can be seen in the Archaeological Museum of Fliess and in the Documentation Center Via Claudia in Fliess.

Track compartment in TirolWest:
Starting from the Stadtpfarrkirche Landeck , the trail first goes down to the Inn and then takes the cycle path in the direction of Gramlachhütte. This always runs nicely next to the river. In Urgen you cross the river to reach a steep path to Fließ . In flow   Following in the footsteps of the ancient Romans along the Via Claudia Augusta via the Fließer Platte back to Landeck Castle and the starting point.

Start of the route: Stadtpfarrkirche Landeck
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Starting point:817
Path surface:Fahrweg, Forstweg, Steig, Wiesenweg
Difficulty:average / red mountain path


Name:TVB TirolWest
Street / number:Hauptplatz 6
Zip code:6511

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Castle Landeck

SPW Webcams: Castle Landeck

Discover Schloss Landeck with its local history museum, the Schlossgalerie and its events.

Documentation Center VCA

TirolWest Card Premium Summer: Documentation Center VCA

The Documentation Center Via Claudia Augusta documents the Roman Kaiserstraße. In the display cases, finds from the Via Claudia Augusta and a copy of the Tabula Peutingeriana, the only surviving Roman road map, can be admired.

Archaeological Museum

museums: Archaeological Museum

The archaeological museum in Fliess contains finds (weapons, jewelery, coins, ...) from the prehistoric burnt-offering site at the Gachen Blick as well as a Bronze Age treasure trove from Moosbruckschrofen and the Hallstatt-era Bronzehort of Fließ.

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