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Venet Observatory

The observatory at the Venet is the only one in Tyrol. It offers a unique opportunity to dive into the world of the sun and the night sky and to throw an undisturbed view of the stars.

The observatory is located at the mountain station of the Venet mountain railway, making it easily accessible. In addition, the Venet summit hut is available directly at the mountain station. The cabin offers accommodation, a panoramic restaurant and space for lectures, events and seminars. The new observatory thus offers the necessary equipment for an undisturbed observation of the stars and the night sky.

Another special feature is a telescope that allows a safe and fascinating view of the sun. Through appropriate filters, the protuberances (luminous gas masses at the edge of the sun) can be experienced and even photographed - a highlight that is so far unique in alpine space. For all our guests is thus probably: Happy is who is looking forward to the stars at sunset!
Venet Observatory


Name:Venet Bergbahnen AG
Street / House number:Hauptstraße 38

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