Distillery Alfred Legenstein - Grins

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Distillery Alfred Legenstein - Grins

Distillery in Grins on the constant search for challenges.

Alfred Legenstein works hidden, even underground. He leads visitors through a narrow staircase into the

Rooms below his terrace. Enjoyment under the stars! Alfred Legenstein's tasting rooms rob many a visitor's breath. In the middle of the Stüberl, a wide curved tuff arch clears the space for the sparkling showpiece of the distillery, with starry lights flashing above it. The table, bench and wood paneling made from the finest local wood transform the room into a cozy living room. A stone mosaic frames the schnapps shelf. All this results in kitchen, cold rooms and warehouse a perfect work and enjoyment world. When visitors marvel at the many details, Alfred briefly says: "Everything made by yourself!" Alfred Legenstein married into a Brenner family, how can things be different in Grins? He watched carefully and made his own way early: only hand-picked ripe fruits land in the mash keg. Even when fermenting, he leaves nothing to chance. Already in 2003, he won prizes at the national tasting with noble brandies from Zwetschke and Williamsbirne.

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Distillery Alfred Legenstein - Grins


Street / House number:Hausnummer 70a


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