Distillery Kössler JP - Stanz

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Distillery Kössler JP - Stanz

Fine Distillery JP - Christoph Kössler.

"Jakob Prandtauer's birthplace" informs the inscription on the entrance in front of Kössler's house. Here was the most famous Austrian Baroque master builder at home. A stylized tree, a filigree sundial and two saints adorn the facade. A tender arbor of sonnenverbrämtem wood stretches under the ridge. Behind the simple brick walls hides a 300 years old pine parlor. She has been lovingly restored and has kept her old charm. The tiled stove, the stub tables and the belt floor, the paneled walls and a wooden "Bankl" may be pure and authentic. Christoph Kössler tells: "Our family has owned the house for generations. It is very lively here, because it is a residential building and not a museum. "For tastings Christoph Kössler invites you into the beautiful Zirbenstube. Next door, in the building of Bach stone walls and dark tanned wooden walls, he has set up an exhibition room, the copper "small" distillery and also a cozy taster corner.

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Distillery Kössler JP - Stanz


Name:Christoph Kössler
Street / House number:Stanz 57
Town:Stanz bei Landeck


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The sheltered sunny location, the dry and warm climate, skillful irrigation and the diligence of the locals were in Stanz a plum paradise. Of the 160 households in the community, 54 exercise the distillery law. There, too, grows the well-known "Stanzer Zwetschke", which makes the village one of the numerous pleasure regions in Austria.

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Stanz in Tirol probably has secured a title throughout Europe: to be the village with the most schnapps distillers.