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Zammer herbal extract

The "Zammer Kräuterhex" Michaela Thöni is a certified FNL herb expert and offers a great program for all those interested in herbs and wild herbs.

What does Zammer Kräuterhex offer?
Herb hikes: seasons and themed herb hikes
Plant presentations: in particular native wild herbs and medicinal plants
Incense courses : methods, incense (bersders domestic smoker plants)
Herb & Herb Treatment: Make your own tinctures, salves, teas, salts, jams & co
Wildpflanzenküche: recognize, collect, cook and eat
LandArt: transient art & creativity with everything nature offers
and much more

The Zammer Kräuterstadl

The more than 100 years old Stadl is all about the herbs and sees itself as a contact point for all herbalists. There are many things that can be made from herbs - from teas, jams and syrups, to soaps, to herbal salts, smelling salts and much more - all from the Zammer Kräuterhex Manufactur. The herbs from wild collection and from the garden of Zammer Kräuterhex are dried or stored here.
Let yourself be surprised by the versatile world of herbs.
The Stadl sees itself as a meeting place and exchange as well as learning place, in relation to everything with herbs and medicinal plants, in particular domestic, has to do! A seminar or workshop program tailored to the annual cycle brings the Stadl to life. In addition, the Kräuterstadl serves as a base for the FNL herb round Oberland Landeck.

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Zammer herbal extract


Name:Zammer Kräuterhex
Street / House number:Sanatoriumstrasse 24

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