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Tramser pond

The bathing pond Trams is located in the recreation area Trams on a hill between Landeck and Zams.

Driveway from Landeck - about 2 km
Walk from Landeck or Zams - approx. 30 min.
Tramser pond


Name:Tourismusverband TirolWest
Street / number:Hauptplatz 6
Zip code:6511

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Impulsweg Kronburg-Tramser pond

discover what moves you inside: Impulsweg Kronburg-Tramser pond

Take advantage of our impuls hiking trail from Kronburg to the Tramser Weiher. The impulse path can be gone alone or in a group. In this way, we have set up small stations for you, which you can take impulses for a happy life.

tram round

recovery walks: tram round

The initially steep track leads quickly into a beautiful hiking trail to the recreational area on the trams and the idyllic Tramser Weiher. Well-laid forest roads lead back to the starting point.

Landeck - Trams - Krahberg

trail running: Landeck - Trams - Krahberg

This training round leads over the trams to the top station of the Venet Bahn and via the Fließer Platte back to Landeck.

Hotel Tramserhof

hotels and inns: Hotel Tramserhof

Majestically located above the adventure and shopping town of Landeck, nestled on the banks of a pond, surrounded by meadows and woods, just steps to the popular BADESEE - the TRAMSER WEIHER.

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