TirolWest Card Premium

Free with the gondola on the Venet

and as often as you want with the TirolWest Card Premium


TirolWest Card Premium from 5 nights

Sleep with us for at least 5 nights, then in addition to the basic benefits, you can travel daily for free with the Venet cable car. Enjoy the 360 ​​° view on the summit and take advantage of the varied offer at Genussberg Venet.

Further advantages with the TirolWest Card Premium


Here you drive for free with all buses!

Leave your car behind and use the public transport network. During your stay you can use all the regional buses within the circled area free of charge.

All this you get for free

You prefer to leave your wallet at home, because we like to invite you to many attractions - take advantage of our wide range.

Guided culinary tours

Gourmet routes in the holiday region TirolWest - paths for connoisseurs! Throughout Tyrol these "paths of the senses" are taking shape. We invite you: Come and taste the Tyrol ".

Free hiking tours

Get guided by knowledgeable mountain guides along pleasure routes, through villages and through the mountains of Tyrol free of charge.


Off in the cool water - In the fantastically situated mountain lakes and ponds, the crystal-clear water lures to the refreshing bath or you dive into one of the three outdoor swimming pools.


Immerse yourself in the eventful history of Tyrol. Discover the witnesses from the Bronze Age and the ancient Romans on the Via Claudia Augusta. Immerse yourself in the happenings in Landeck Castle or learn interesting facts in the Nature Park House in the Kaunergrat Nature Park.

Zammer Lochputz

On a tour through Tyrol's mystical gorge, one of the most beautiful wild waters in Tyrol, you will find miraculous phenomena, such as the dilapidated smithy, the mirror cave and the stone bull, which was formed by the water itself - the Zammer Lochputz.

And you get that discounted

With these attractions, you get discounts with the TirolWest Card.

Tennis & Squash

No matter if you play tennis regularly, just started or only occasionally find time. Tennis in the holiday region TirolWest with 3 different tennis courts will make you really fun.

Canyoning & Rafting

5% discount on all whitewater sports activities at Sport Camp Tirol

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