Way of St. James Zams-Flirsch

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Way of St. James Zams-Flirsch

From Zams od. Landeck go along the Sonnenweg up to the Brennereidorf Stanz and on to Grins.

Zammer perforated plaster:
The popular excursion destination offers dizzying insights into one of the most beautiful wild water in Tyrol. In centuries of work, the water has created the mysticism of the Zammer Lochputz gorge in Zams and through the water adventure trail everyone can now penetrate through cliffs, crampons and bridges in the wild natural beauty.
Brennereidorf punching:
The sunny plateau above Landeck is one of the highest fruit growing areas in Europe. There is also the well-known "Stanzer Zwetschke", which has helped the region to become the "gourmet region of Austria". In Stanz there are about 150 households and 53 distilleries, 80 burners are still very active in their distillery right. In 2005, Stanz was named Austria's first distillery village. During a guided tour of a distillery, you can watch the schnapps distillers over the shoulder and taste the noble brandies, of course.
Jakob Prandtauer Birthplace :
Jakob Prandtauer was born in 1660 in the former Löwenwirtshaus in Stanz. From the two Bauernbüblein he rose to one of the most important master builders of the Austrian Baroque. (Lifework Stift Melk) Today is the birthplace of the noble distillery Kössler.
Kneipp facility Grins:
On the eastern edge of the village of Grins is located directly on the trail between Grins - Stanz a Kneipp facility, which is fed by its own drinking water source. Display boards indicate the correct use. The facility is freely accessible.
Heilwasserdorfbrunnen by Grins:
At the village well in front of the parish hall the healing water of the old Wildbadquellen is accessible to everyone. A drinking cure with this water helps with chronic liver and bile duct diseases, constipation, gout and various skin diseases.

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Path surface:Asphalt, Forstweg, Waldsteig

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From Landeck-Zams Bahnhof, Österreich to Way of St. James Zams-Flirsch

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In areas ofchurch - chapell, Nature jewel, Motorrad Ausflugsziele

Parish Church Zams

church - chapell: Parish Church Zams

Parish Church of St. Andrew - Around 1440, the old parish church was rebuilt in the Gothic style. In 1911, a major fire destroyed most of the village, the church had partially collapsed and had to be demolished.

Zammer Lochputz

Nature jewel: Zammer Lochputz

The popular destination Zammer Lochputz fascinates with dizzying insights into one of the most beautiful wild water in Tyrol.

Brennereidorf Stanz

Motorrad Ausflugsziele: Brennereidorf Stanz

Stanz in Tirol probably has secured a title throughout Europe: to be the village with the most schnapps distillers.

Parish church Grins

church - chapell: Parish church Grins

The parish church of Grins is dedicated to St. Nicholas. 1434, the parish church was mentioned as "sand Niklaws churches to Grins" documentary. The present rococo church was built in 1775.

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