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Punch plum

The wonderful orchards on the sunny plateau above Landeck are a special feature, because the communities Stanz and Grins are among the highest fruit orchards in Europe.

At about 1,000 m above sea level are the wonderful orchards of the places Stanz and Grins. Fruit production has a long tradition here. It provides farmers with additional income and secures sustainable agriculture in the region. Here the delicious "Stanzer Zwetschke" flourishes, which is one of the numerous "pleasure regions of Austria".

The slopes at the foot of the Lechtal Alps have a dry alpine climate with countless hours of sunshine. The large temperature differences between day and night and the hairdryer characterize the particularly intense aroma of the fruit. The spicy taste and the incomparable aroma inspire the enjoyment of fresh fruit as well as processed products. Jams, lovely liqueurs, fruity roasters and juicy cakes and dumplings are made from the Stanzer plum.

Award "Destillata 2017"

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Punch plum


Name:Brenenreidorf Stanz

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Delightful route Stanzer Zwetschke

guided hike: Delightful route Stanzer Zwetschke

The sheltered sunny location, the dry and warm climate, skillful irrigation and the diligence of the locals were in Stanz a plum paradise. Of the 160 households in the community, 54 exercise the distillery law. There, too, grows the well-known "Stanzer Zwetschke", which makes the village one of the numerous pleasure regions in Austria.

Brennereidorf Stanz

Museum & exhibition: Brennereidorf Stanz

Stanz in Tirol probably has secured a title throughout Europe: to be the village with the most schnapps distillers.