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Zammer Sunday Hendl

The Zammer Sonntags-Hendl is a product of the region and for the region. The feed is largely grown in the immediate area.

Also the litter comes from own cultivation (straw) or for the chickens even shavings from regional stone pine wood are used. The shortest possible paths between cultivation, husbandry, slaughter and marketing enable the highest quality and protect the environment.

The main distinguishing features:
  • Chickens come from a slowly growing Biorasse and live in manageable large herds
  • Biological attitude and feeding
  • Feeding with self-produced organic wheat, which is germinated with innovative methods.
  • more than species-appropriate attitude in stables, winter garden, green outlet
  • Shortest possible paths between husbandry, slaughter and marketing
Zammer Sunday Hendl


Name:Zammer Sonntags-Hendl
Street / House number:Hauptstraße 150

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