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Waldwegrunde water alb

A myth tells of the 4 elements fire, water, air and earth, which are represented by the 4 Albigen (nature Elves), as well as their influence name on the forces of nature.

The 4 Albigen were dedicated paths and paths around the idyllic village of Grins, which bear their names. The sculptures of the 4 Albigen designed by Christian Moschen and set in very prominent places are intended to keep alive the memory of past mystical days. The combination of a magnificent view over the basin of Landeck and the sculptures of the Albigen in the background lets your thoughts wander and promotes peace and relaxation.

Starting point for the forest path to the Wasseralb is the parking lot at the sports field Grins. From there it goes to the Kneipp Grins and then on to the forest road to Stanz. Follow this until above Stanz and then change to the Stanzerwaal high trail, which leads back to the starting point in Grins.

Starting point: Parking sports field Grins
Destination: Parking sports field Grins
Difficulty: medium
Walking time: 2 h 25 min
Highest point: 1180m (altitude uphill (190m)
Period: the hike can be done the whole year.
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Starting point:980
Walking time downhill:2.42 h
Path surface:Asphalt, Forstweg, Waldsteig
Difficulty:average / red mountain path

Type of Route

Loop tour:Yes


Name:TVB TirolWest
Street / number:Hauptplatz 6
Zip code:6511 Zams

Altitude Profile

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In areas ofwater in Grins - kneippen, parking areas - garage, recovery walks, Albigen-Pfade

Album bath Grins

water in Grins - kneippen: Album bath Grins

In the Albenbad in Grins you can even experience the power of the healing springs in the form of Kneipp, drinking and spa treatments.

Parking sports field Grins

parking areas - garage: Parking sports field Grins

Parking at the sports field in Grins.


recovery walks: Feueralb

The element fire


Albigen-Pfade: Luftalb

The element air


Albigen-Pfade: Erdalb

The element earth

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