Delightful route Stanzer Zwetschke

Schnapskultur in purest form

Delightful route Stanzer Zwetschke

The sheltered sunny location, the dry and warm climate, skillful irrigation and the diligence of the locals were in Stanz a plum paradise. Of the 160 households in the community, 53 exercise the distillery law. There, too, grows the well-known "Stanzer Zwetschke", which makes the village one of the numerous pleasure regions in Austria.

After the bus ride from the bus terminal in the city of Landeck to Grins, the pleasure tour starts at the village fountain Grins. You walk past the Kneipp facility Grins on a dirt road through a part of the plum plantations to Stanz. Lots of sun, the view of the beautiful mountains and the town of Landeck make this walk, known to locals as the "Grüß Gott Weg", one of the most popular trails in our region. If time allows it and the participants feel like it, you can make a detour to the ruin Schrofenstein before tasting and enjoy the breathtaking view from up there.
In the show distilleries there is the opportunity for expert discussions with the schnapps distiller and of course the whole range of punch specialties can be tasted.

The tour is free for all guests with TirolWest Card, Postbus with the TirolWest Card for free!
Starting point: Bus Terminal Stadt Landeck (Bus 4244) 11:50 am
Target: punching (bus 4246)
Difficulty level: easy
Period: the guided hike takes place every Friday from May to October - the dates can be found in the event calendar.
Price for tasting in one of the numerous distilleries: € 5,00 per person
Registration: the day before until 17:00 clock under +43 (0) 5442.65600 or by mail

As an unguided hike, this route is possible all year round.
An appointment for a tasting in the Brennereidorf Stanz is possible directly through the chairman Markus Auer - Tel. +43 (0) 676 5350053

The special distillates from punching are available directly from the individual distilleries. Edelbrenner Christoph Kössler from Stanz also offers his noble brandies directly at "Der Grissemann" in Zams.

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From Landeck-Zams Bahnhof, Österreich to Delightful route Stanzer Zwetschke

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The Brenner Tell

Giggus distillery

At the court of Stefan Nothdurfter stands "Giggus". As Stefan explains with a friendly laugh, this is the Rätische name for schnapps and means "hot water". He proudly refers to the special flair of the area and the historical roots of agriculture. His farm dates back to the 16th century. Four generations live under one roof: "We pass on traditional knowledge and our values!"

Fine Killer

Christoph Kössler tells: "Our family has owned the house for generations. It is very lively here, because it is a residential building and not a museum. "For tastings Christoph Kössler invites you into the beautiful Zirbenstube. Next door, in the building of Bach stone walls and dark tanned wooden walls, he has set up an exhibition room, the copper "small" distillery and also a cozy taster corner.


The wonderful sunny plateau above Landeck is a real insider tip for nice and long walks and hikes. Starting in Grins, with its beautiful and remarkable gothic church and the healing water, the pleasure hike goes through the village of Grins and then across the fields to Stanz. The route goes either along the dirt road or slightly higher through the forest along the irrigation can. Accompanied by the view of the glorious Tyrolean mountains, the paths lead to Stanz, the birthplace of the famous Baroque master builder Jakob Prandtauer and the home of the well-known Stanzer Zwetschke, which thrives particularly well here, matures fully and develops full, spicy and sweet aromas. Here the route ends in one of the great distilleries, Stanz has almost 500 inhabitants 56 of them, in which the plum is processed into noble distillates, fruit liqueurs, jams, chutney and plum ketchup. The distillers are looking forward to your visit and are happy to invite you to guided tastings.
Markus Auer, chairman of the Brennereidorf Stanz

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