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The GenussWerkstatt TirolWest association is a dedicated community of people who are committed to promoting and preserving culinary diversity and tradition in the TirolWest vacation region. The association was founded with the vision of preserving and cultivating the region's rich culinary culture and at the same time developing it further in innovative ways.

A central concern of the association is to strengthen the connection between producers, artisans and consumers. The members of the association are committed to supporting local food producers and farmers. Through collaborations and events, these players are encouraged to make their products accessible to a wider audience and increase appreciation for the outstanding quality of regional products.

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Cookbook "Regional delicacies reinterpreted"

Pure enjoyment - the new cookbook from GenussWerkstatt TirolWest shows you everything the region has to offer in culinary terms.

The cookbook is available for € 15.00 from our information office in Landeck.