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"You can neither think well, nor love, nor sleep, if you have not eaten anything good." (Virginia Woolf)

During your stay in the TirolWest vacation region, you can look forward to a veritable fireworks display of culinary delights. No matter what the epicurean heart beats for - the stomach comes in the vacation region TirolWest with security not too short. From home-distilled high-proof fruit brandiesfrom the Stanzer Zwetschke gourmet region, to fresh, farm-fresh products from the region at the Landeck Frischemarkt, to noble chocolate specialtiesor Landecks Superfood (spring sprouts) - the palate is really spoiled here.

So enjoyable is the vacation region TirolWest

Landeck Frischemarkt

The weekly Landeck fresh produce market promises a truly culinary experience. The smell of local delicacies lures you in from afar.


Find the right restaurant in the cultural capital Landeck, in one of the vacation resorts Zams, Tobadill, Grins, Stanz or Fließ and in the surrounding area.

Regional products

Regional products from TirolWest! Buy regional, enjoy regional and nourish yourself naturally with the numerous products that are produced in the TirolWest vacation region. Here you will find the best from our region.


Producers, traders, restaurateurs and the tourism school together represent the basic ideas of regionality, tradition and innovation.

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