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Our philosophy

City, Country, Mountain

The infrastructure of a district capital is more extensive than that of a small mountain village, from the hospital to the shopping center. Authentic pleasurable experiences make the stay varied. Vacations become interesting when you can talk to the locals and get to know customs, traditions and culture. Partnerships and combination offers for theme evenings/afternoons create additional experiences. The cultural city of Landeck is committed and open to locals as well as guests, especially in the area of music. From permanent locations to festivals, there are always events with format. Activity with pleasure, with or without a sporting focus, for all generations as much as everyone can tolerate. When the weather is bad, shopping or window shopping is fun. Bonus coupons of the performance community increase the attractiveness. Not only activity and enjoyment, but also medical precautions and care with hospital, Medalp and affiliated service providers make the vacation carefree.

Small is beautiful

We are famous for not having a tourism industry. Not everything here is marketed. You can also meet locals who pursue their hobbies and enjoy their habitat. We give up growth, but not loyal fans and satisfied guests. Fewer people make less noise, making it possible to experience the most beautiful days of the year even more intensively. All facilities can be used without queuing. In winter, the slopes are perfectly rolled and free to pull until the afternoon. In summer, you can enjoy the hiking and nature park trails without running into others every 5 minutes. One has short distances, both from the individual attractions and within the destination. Located directly at the train station and equipped with a powerful public transport network, you can get here quickly without traffic jams and in any weather. This is sustainable and stress-free. Arrival on Saturday is easy even in winter. The number of beds is limited.

Slow = the new fast - Slow Mountain - simply comfortable

On vacation just to be and experience is a great longing. Reduction to the essentials conveys density and energy. "Simplicity" is one of the big megatrends. The success of Google or Apple is no coincidence. Consumers reject anything that takes too much time or energy. It's not about the number of lifts, but about how beautiful winter sports and the mountain can be experienced in summer. An insider tip ski area with modern and snow-sure facilities. Known for perfect slopes. With one of the longest runs in northern Tyrol: 1.4 km from the summit to the valley. South-facing for connoisseurs, warming sun, a slow pause lift for a short rest. Snowshoeing, safe freeriding and touring skiing. Particularly tranquil, the entrance to the Kaunergrat Nature Park, the authentic natural landscape. Farmed alpine pastures. This is how the Alps taste. Tyrol from above is the most beautiful, view creates a clear head and quick switch off. Topographically, the Venet is the heart of the region. It has a unique view of 3,000m, 360°, all around like in a fishbowl. A large part of the tourist offer takes place on the mountain with some well-known highlights/events also in the valley.

Perceivable with all senses enjoyment region


Authentic pleasure products are a big trend of our time. Locals appreciate original products more and guests are open to discovering them. Fresh food markets are booming worldwide - a counter pool to the monotony of the food industry. Chefs are local and international stars, modern interpreted home cooking opens up new target groups. The fresh food market in Landeck is becoming an experience market. Innkeepers and chefs offer seasonal and regional products and dishes. This increases the length of stay. Farmers and producers make it possible to experience the real thing. Hotels and restaurants, but also alpine pastures and huts offer regional cuisine, advice rounds off the offer. Everywhere there is very good quality at a fair price. The trade follows suit. The GenussRegion Stanzer Zwetschke and the chocolate manufacturer Tiroler Edle are our spearheads.

Exploration Room

Variety plays a role in satisfaction and freedom from conflict during the vacation. Everyone wants to get their money's worth. The central location between 4 regions and 3 countries allow short explorations. 3 vacations in one. Young talent is also crucial for the sustainable success of a destination. Innovation only comes from broad collaboration and permeability. Partnerships between science and population create uniqueness, resources and competitive advantages. Landeck as a school town with a focus on tourism opens up access to young talent.

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