Parish Church of the Assumption - Landeck

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Parish Church of the Assumption - Landeck

Today's parish church of the Assumption is based on a legend depicted in the parish church (the robbed children of a family were brought back by a wolf and a bear).

The church of the pastor was first mentioned in documents in 1270. The Romanesque church was soon to be too small, which is why it was enlarged at the end of the 14th century. The landmark construction of the Landecker parish church shows in contrast to other three-aisled churches a basilica with lower aisles and a higher nave. Inside is a tombstone, which is also the crypt plate of the founder, Knight Oswald von Schrofenstein. In his memory, the so-called Schrofenstein Altar, a late Gothic winged altar dating from 1520, was erected; he is dedicated to St. Oswald.

The organ is equipped with a historic double casing, pinnacle and elaborately crafted veil boards. Also worthy of note is the sacristy of the parish church, which has a baroque barrel vault with stubs on the ground floor. The cemetery is closed on the south side by a neo-gothic arcade, which is divided by three chapel-like openings. The cemetery is also the neo-Gothic Chapel of the Sacred Heart, built in 1869 and dedicated to the fallen of the Battle of Le Tezze.
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Parish Church of the Assumption - Landeck


Name:Stadtpfarrkirche Mariä Himmelfahrt
Street / House number:Schulhausplatz 4

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