Paragliding - hang gliding

Paragliding and hang gliding

Paragliding - hang gliding

The Venet is known as a flying mountain with hang gliders and paragliders because of its thermals and the three starting positions, which allow a start in every wind direction, well beyond the country's borders.

The unique natural scenery and the possibility of long-distance flights over 250 km and more makes the fascination of the Flugberg.

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Paragliding tandem flights
Super altitude flight altitude difference of min.1.400 m
Thermal and cross-country flights are possible on request with good updraft conditions.
Extras: souvenir photos, group discounts, gift certificate
Experience the indescribable feeling of a paragliding tandem flight from Krahberg with specially trained flight instructor and special umbrella even without previous knowledge.

Starting place: 2,212 m / landing area: 780 m / current wind values
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Paragliding - hang gliding


Name:Flugschule Seppl Sturm
Street / House number:Kristille 11

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Tandem flights

Flying school Seppl Sturm
state-approved flying school
6500 Landeck, Kristille 11
Tel.: +43.664.4425411

Venet flyers
Kite flying & paragliding club:
More info on the flying area and events can be found here!

Venet pleasure mountain

In 8 minutes from 780 m to 2,212 m - free in summer from 5 nights

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