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The healing properties and myths about the healing water of Grins

New strength for your everyday life

Water invigorates body and mind - especially if, like the Grinner Heilquelle, it is additionally mixed with valuable minerals - Grins received the Heil- und Thermalwasserstatus in 2005.

In Grins bubbles a recognized sulfur healing spring for which the municipality received the Heil- und Thermalwasserstatus in May 2007. Here for the interested visitor that water is made usable and enjoyable, which springs above the village in a wild-romantic area (the so-called Wildbad). Now the special Grinner water, which is strongly mineral-containing and a high magnesium calcium sulfate portion, can be used for drinking cures, for Kneippen or bathing.

Very many myths approximately around the welfare effect of the sources originate from oral traditions. Assured knowledge exists only since the 17th century. A first mention of the healing springs in Grins dates back to 1372. The sovereign Margaretha Maultasch came, so it is handed down, annually to Grins to visit the widely known wild bath. It is said that she "washed her body in the healing spring of the Wildbad and was literally rejuvenated". In 1982, the so-called Wildbadquelle was already legally recognized as a healing spring.

Around healing water in Grins

Albigen trails in Grins

A myth tells about the 4 elements fire, water, earth and air, which are embodied by the 4 Albigen (Natur-Elben), as well as their influence on the forces of nature in Grins.


Kneippen - cold water awakens the spirits and refreshes body and mind. The vacation region TirolWest offers new quality of life and health through Kneippen and revitalization with the healing power of water.


In the Albenbad in Grins you can experience the power of the healing springs yourself in the form of Kneipp, drinking and bathing cures.

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