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The healing effects and myths surrounding healing water

New strength for everyday life

Water invigorates body and soul - especially when it is also infused with valuable minerals, like the Grins healing spring - Grins has been awarded healing and thermal water status.

A recognized sulphur healing spring bubbles up in Grins, for which the municipality has been awarded healing and thermal water status. The water, which springs from a wild and romantic area above the village (the so-called Wildbad), is made usable and enjoyable for interested visitors. Now the special Grinner water, which is rich in minerals and has a high magnesium-calcium sulphate content, can be used for drinking cures, Kneipp therapy or bathing.

Many myths surrounding the healing effects of the springs originate from oral traditions. Reliable knowledge has only existed since the 17th century. The first mention of the healing springs in Grins dates back to 1372, when it is said that the sovereign Margaretha Maultasch came to Grins every year to visit the well-known wild baths. It is said that she "washed her body in the healing spring of the Wildbad and was literally rejuvenated". In 1982, the so-called Wildbad spring was legally recognized as a healing spring.

All about healing water and our Kneipp facilities


Kneippen - cold water awakens the spirits and refreshes body and mind. The vacation region TirolWest offers new quality of life and health through Kneippen and revitalization with the healing power of water.


In the Albenbad in Grins you can experience the power of the healing springs yourself in the form of Kneipp, drinking and bathing cures.

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