Long-distance hiking trails

Long distance hiking trails & alpine crossings

E5 - Eagle's Way - Way of St. James - Via Claudia Augusta - Lechtaler Höhenweg - Starkenberger Panoramaweg - Tiroler Burgenweg

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The E5 runs over a total distance of 600 km from Lake Constance to the Adriatic Sea. The best-known section leads from Oberstdorf to Merano.

Via Claudia Augusta

The Via Claudia Augusta leads in the footsteps of the ancient Romans from Donauwörth to Ostiglia. To master this historic route under one's own steam is demanding on the body - but it is worth it to discover the evidence of the historic lifeline.

Tiroler Burgenweg

Als zentrale Eckpfeiler dienen die 5 Burgen der Region - Schloss Landeck, Schloss Biedenegg, Schloss Wiesberg, Burg Schrofenstein und die Kronburg.

Starkenberg Panorama Trail

The Starkenberg Panorama Trail is divided into 7 sections. Each of these sections is something very special in itself. Again and again, the course of the trail follows historical roads such as the Via Claudia Augusta, the Salt Road or the Way of St. James.

Way of St. James

The Way of St. James runs right through Austria to Tyrol. The TirolWest vacation region offers pilgrimage routes as well as a place of pilgrimage directly on the Way of St. James. On the world's most important Christian pilgrimage route, believers from all over Europe travel to the tomb of St. James in Santiago de Compostela in northeastern Galicia.

Eagle Path

Across the whole of Tyrol, hikers can discover the "Land im Gebirg" on the wings of the eagle, in the midst of a magnificent landscape. The eagle has been a historical animal in Tyrol for centuries and stands for freedom and independence.

Lechtal High Altitude Trail

This magnificent high-altitude trail leads in elegant lines around and partly over the numerous peaks of the mountain range. The Lechtal Alps represent the longest closed mountain ridge in the Northern Limestone Alps. Their highest elevation, the 3,036 m high Parseierspitze, above Grins, is the only 3,000 m peak that is also the highest point.

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