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Mountain hut

Steinseehütte 2.061m

The Steinsee hut, located below the lake of the same name on a green terrace, surrounded by the mighty Parzinn group, is an ideal base for climbing, hiking, mountaineering, or simply to unwind.

The area around the hut and the lake is an ideal base for climbing courses, for beginners to advanced enough climbing rocks are available, but also for children this area is ideal.

... just relax and enjoy after a beautiful mountain day ...
... there are two cozy guest rooms available, where you can enjoy the freshly prepared food and drinks from the hostess Jutta.

Two washrooms with flowing, clear, cold and drinkable spring water let one wash the sweat of the day off the body. And if you do not mind the 20 minute ascent to Steinsee, you can take a refreshing dip in the lake at a temperature of around 10 to 15 ° C. If this water is too cold, you can also use the newly built shower, which provides wonderful warm water for a few minutes.

... how to bed so you lie ...
... in 24 rooms / beds or 60 dormitories and another 12 beds in the winter room!

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Steinseehütte 2.061m


Name:Burkhard und Jutta Reich


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From Landeck-Zams Bahnhof, Österreich to Steinseehütte 2.061m

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In areas ofHiking tour, Long distance trails, Via ferrata, Multi-pitch routes

Alfuzalm   stone hut   625

Hiking tour: Alfuzalm stone hut 625

From the Alfuzalm leads a beautiful hiking trail to Steinseehütte.

Eagle Walk Stage 20  Hanauer Hütte   Württemberger Haus

Long distance trails: Eagle Walk Stage 20 Hanauer Hütte Württemberger Haus

Once aloft on those airy plains between Inn and Lech Rivers, you'll be in a true Alpine environment. You can expect to have very few encounters on this trail so if you enjoy solitude, and a good work-out this trail is for you. This hike is famous for its sharp ridges and the feeling of remoteness its rugged terrain offers. However, you’ll need to turn your focus from the scenery to your feet as you tackle vigorously steep climbs, scree and talus slopes, large boulders and cliffs assisted by a fixed anchoring system of cables. You’ll gain East/Back Dremelscharte Notch and walk past a necklace of sparkling Alpine lakes, adorning bold mountain faces. For many hikers this walk is far enough, contentment has already set in. Adventurous souls who are up for the extra effort can take the detour for Schlenkersee Lake, an aquatic gem wrapped in gorgeous scenery just below East Dremelscharte Notch.

Steinsee Klettersteig

Via ferrata: Steinsee Klettersteig

Herrlicher Klettersteig bei der Steinseehütte im Kalk der Lechtaler.

Steinseehütte   Klettergarten Schneekarlesspitze West

Multi-pitch routes: Steinseehütte Klettergarten Schneekarlesspitze West

An der Schneekarlesspitze befinden sich an der Westseite zwei Klettergärten.

Steinseehütte   Klettergärten Schneekarlespitz Süd

Multi-pitch routes: Steinseehütte Klettergärten Schneekarlespitz Süd

An der Südseite der Schneekarlespitze befinden sich zwei Klettergärten in bewährter hervorragender Absicherung mit Bohrhaken.

Steinseehütte   Klettergarten Steinkarpfeiler

Multi-pitch routes: Steinseehütte Klettergarten Steinkarpfeiler

Am Fuße des Steinkarpfeilers befindet sich der Klettergarten, der sich im 6 und 7 Grad bewegt.

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