Hiking - Holiday in the holidayregion TirolWest
  • Hiking in the TirolWest vacation region

    ...means nature experiences in the Alps.

  • Pleasure Hiking

    ...enjoy the mountain air and scenery

  • Sees and peaks

    ...so magnificent is the panorama in Tyrol.

Experience the summer in the TirolWest vacation region

Whatever you are looking for in your summer vacation - in the vacation region TirolWest you will find in any case. Here there is something for everyone and due to the ideal geographical location, in addition to the varied program of the region, you have numerous treasures in the surrounding area.

Create an unforgettable vacation according to your own ideas.


Hiking can be so diverse

Hiking in the Wild West

Experience the mountains of Tyrol in Landeck, Zams, Fließ, Tobadill, Grins and Stanz.

Long-distance hiking trails

Lechtaler Höhenweg, Jakobsweg, the yellow Via Alpina, Via Claudia Augusta, Adlerweg, sections of the European long-distance hiking trail E5, Starkenberger Panoramaweg and Burgenweg - the TirolWest vacation region is located on eight renowned long-distance hiking routes & Alpine crossings.

Venet mountain railroad

Enjoyment mountain Venet - in 8 minutes from 780 m to 2.212 m.From easy adventure hikes to alpine tours to stages of no less than 6 long-distance hiking trails, there is something for everyone on the Venet.

Pleasure hut hiking pass

Collect with our Genusshütten hiking pass in the listed huts and alpine pastures each 10 pleasure points. Already from 30 pleasure points there is a surprise at our information offices. Diligent hikers are additionally awarded with the hiking pin in bronze (50 points), silver (60 - 100 points) and gold (110 - 160 points).


The E5 runs over a total distance of 600 km from Lake Constance to the Adriatic Sea. The most famous part leads from Oberstdorf to Merano through the impressive mountains of Tyrol almost always on high alpine paths.

Alps & Huts

Huts and alpine pastures in the TirolWest vacation region - There is nothing better than stopping off during a hike. Enjoy regional delicacies and a cool refreshment while you let the mountain panorama work on you, exactly that is the highest of feelings.

Starkenberg Panorama Trail

Just hike away. Long-distance hiking in Tyrol. With friends, family or alone. Step by step discover vastness and serenity. Step by step discover yourself and at the same time experience Tyrol in a special way: As a historic trade route, mystical pilgrimage trail, impressive panoramic route and very special ecosystem.

Castle path

A hike back to the Middle Ages

Reasons to spend the most beautiful time of the year in TirolWest

  1. It's the mix that makes it, each of our locationshas its own charm
  2. Package tour? No matter with whom you enjoy the Tyrolean hospitality, there are many things for free for you
  3. enjoyment region: we spoil you with regional specialties
  4. Ideal location between Switzerland, Italy and Germany: easily accessible by train and car

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