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The healing effects and myths surrounding the healing waters of Grins

New power for your everyday life

Water invigorates body and mind - especially when, like the Grinner healing spring, it is additionally enriched with valuable minerals - Grins received in 2005 the healing and thermal water status.

In Grins, a well-known sulfur spring is bubbling for which the municipality received the healing and thermal water status in May 2007. Here the interested visitor can enjoy and enjoy the water which rises above the village in a wild-romantic area (the so-called Wildbad). Now, the special Grinner water, which is heavily mineral-rich and has a high MagnesiumCalcium-sulphate content, can be used for drinking cures, for Kneipp or bathing.

Much of what is known about the healing springs comes from oral traditions. Secured knowledge exists only since the 17th century. A first mention of the mineral springs in Grins comes from the year 1372. The country mistress Margaretha Maultasch came, it is reported, every year to Grins to visit the well-known Wildbad. It is said that she "washed her body in the healing spring of the wild bath and was literally rejuvenated". In 1982, the so-called Wildbadquelle was already recognized as a healing source by law.

Around the healing water in Grins

Albigen trails in Grins

A myth tells of the 4 elements fire, water, wind and earth, which are embodied by the 4 Albigen (nature Elves), as well as their influence on the forces of nature in grins.


Kneipp - cold water awakens the spirits and refreshes body and mind. The holiday region TirolWest offers new quality of life and health through Kneipp and revitalization with the healing power of water.


In the Albenbad in Grins you can even experience the power of the healing springs in the form of Kneipp, drinking and spa treatments.

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