Gourmet Route Tyrolean Alpine herbs

Gourmet Route Tyrolean Alpine herbs

Discover the world of herbs and medicinal plants in the rhythm of the annual cycle. The Zammer Kräuterhex Michaela Thöni-Kohler accompanies her expertly.

The program is designed according to the season and the weather, the collected herbs are processed after the hike and tasted in a "refined" form.

Depending on the season, the hike leads either through the back field or towards the recreation area Tramser Weiher. With the help of Kräuterhex Michaela Thöni-Kohler herbs are determined and collected. After returning to the Kräuterstadl it is visited and Michaela shows how the various herbs are dried and processed. Then there is a tasting of the collected and refined herbs.

The guided tour is free for all guests with TirolWest Card!

Starting point: Venet Bergbahnen valley station 09:30 hrs.
Destination: Zammer Kräuterstadl (11:00 a.m.; ends at 12:00 p.m.)
Price for the tasting: € 5,00 per person with TirolWest Card / € 10,00 per person without TirolWest Card
Dates: every Wednesday in May, June, July and September
Dates & registration: the detailed dates and the registration link can be found in the event calendar
Registration deadline: at 4:00 p.m. the day before

All herbal products are available in the Kräuterhex herb stall.
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Gourmet Route Tyrolean Alpine herbs


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The "Zammer Kräuterhex" Michaela Thöni is a certified FNL herb expert and offers a great program for all those interested in herbs and wild herbs.

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