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The romantic village of Grins is idyllically situated on a sunny plateau in the middle of the Genussregion Stanzer Zwetschke. The Rhaeto-Romance village character goes back to Roman rule and gives the place its unique romantic flair.

The excellent location at the foot of the Lechtal Alps makes Grins the ideal starting point for ski tours and hikes of all kinds. Culinary highlight in Grins is the tasting of the high-proof fruit spirits from the local schnapps distilleries.

In Grins gushes a recognized source of sulfur
At the village well in front of the Grinner community center you can convince yourself of the healing power of the water. A Wildbad sulfur spring for foot and sitz baths, as well as a Kneipp facility, fed by its own drinking water source, strengthen the health.

Albigen paths - A myth about the 4 elements
The four Albigen paths are laid out as circular routes and take between 1.5 and 2 hours. Here you meet the Albigen (nature Elves), which embody the four elements.

The unique flora of the region invites you to pleasant walks or hikes through the beautiful orchards of the Genussregion Stanzer Zwetschke. An absolute insider tip during a holiday in Tyrol are the numerous schnapps distilleries around the village, whose high-proof fruit brandies form the perfect end to any meal. The three-thousanders of the Parseiergruppe and the huts of the Lechtaler Alpen, on the other hand, are especially popular with tourers. Also St. James pilgrims like to turn into Grins.
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Highlights in Grins

Medicinal water

Water invigorates body and mind - especially if the healing and thermal water is mixed with valuable minerals.

Albigen trails in Grins

A myth tells about the 4 elements fire, water, earth and air, which are embodied by the 4 Albigen (Natur-Elben), as well as their influence on the forces of nature in Grins.


In the Albenbad in Grins you can experience the power of the healing springs yourself in the form of Kneipp, drinking and bathing cures.

Pleasure route: Stanzer Zwetschke - Schnapps

The village of Stanz with its 54 distilleries is the first distillery village in Austria. The famous "Stanzer Zwetschke" also grows here.


Christian Moschen - the creator of the elements

Creativity and craft - I love to navigate between these two worlds. "The Albigen" - that is, the personified elemental forces of earth, fire, water and air plastic in these great natural spaces to stage - gave me the opportunity to do so.
Christian Moschen (artist from Grins)


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