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Experience and enjoy Tyrol West to the fullest.


The spoiled for choice - the holiday region Tirolwest offers numerous attractions and sights. Meet unique natural wonders, experience the finest distillery, refreshing Kneipp facilities and other exciting destinations.

Gourmet region

Indulge your taste buds - from high-proof fruit brandies from the Stanzer Zwetschke region of pleasure to farm products to fine chocolate specialties - culinary fireworks await you.


Tyrol is the land of castles and palaces - more than 20 are located in and around the TirolWest region. Whether you visit the Landeck Castle, the museums in Fliess or the ruin Kronburg - you will find the history of the region behind every corner.

Top attractions in TirolWest

Guided hikes, the panoramic mountain Venet the Mystic Gorge Zammer Lochputz or the incredible landscape of the nature park Kaunergrat with us there is much to discover.

Free hiking tours

Get guided by knowledgeable mountain guides along pleasure routes, through villages and through the mountains of Tyrol free of charge.

Zammer Lochputz

On a tour through Tyrol's mystical gorge, one of the most beautiful wild waters in Tyrol, you will find miraculous phenomena, such as the dilapidated smithy, the mirror cave and the stone bull, which was formed by the water itself - the Zammer Lochputz.

Genussberg Venet

Comfortable hikes to huts and mountain pastures, a tour along the Venetrundwanderweges and skiing enjoyment on perfectly groomed slopes on north and south slopes.

Nature Park Kaunergrat

In every season you discover the unique animal and plant world in the nature park and so recharge your energy and strength in the midst of a unique natural landscape.


The Nature Park House sees itself as the hub of the Nature Park, as an information center and service facility for all nature and culture interested visitors to the region. Visit the extraordinary exhibition "3,000 m vertical" insight into the habitat natural park.


With the three-wheeled TobiCarts you can descend from the mountain station at the Venet over the toboggan run.

Tobis adventure trail

A beautiful hike for families with children. At various stations along the adventure trail children can play and gain experience in nature.

Family holiday

Games, sport and fun with a lot of good humor are with us for children on the program. The holiday region TirolWest offers activities such as football, volleyball, fun park with halfpipe, roller skating, trampoline, lama trekking and much more.

Albigen trails in Grins

A myth tells of the 4 elements fire, water, wind and earth, which are embodied by the 4 Albigen (nature Elves), as well as their influence on the forces of nature in grins.

Healing water

Water invigorates body and mind - especially when the healing and thermal water is mixed with valuable minerals.


Kneipp - cold water awakens the spirits and refreshes body and mind. The holiday region TirolWest offers new quality of life and health through Kneipp and revitalization with the healing power of water.


As the most important crossing point of the access roads to the Reschenpass, the Arlberg, the Paznaun and the Fernpass, the holiday region TirolWest offers a multitude of interesting excursion destinations.


In the many shops in the shopping city Landeck you will find everything your heart desires - and all within easy walking distance. So you can experience a pleasant and stress-free shopping.

Genussregion TirolWest

During your stay in TirolWest you can look forward to a real firework of culinary delights. No matter what the connoisseur's heart beats - the stomach is certainly not too short. From homemade high-percentage fruit brandies from the Stanzer Zwetschke region, to fresh, farm produce from the region on the Landecker Frischemarkt, to fine chocolate specialties, sprouts and Tyrolean bread - the palate can be pampered here.

Guided culinary tours

Gourmet routes in the holiday region TirolWest - paths for connoisseurs! Throughout Tyrol these "paths of the senses" are taking shape. We invite you: Come and taste the Tyrol ".

Genussregion Stanz

Stanz bei Landeck in Tirol became the first distillery village in Austria with its 64 distilleries and is also known as the pleasure region "Stanzer Zwetschke" due to its fruit brandies.


Producers, retailers, restaurateurs and tourism schools share the spirit of regionality, tradition and innovation.

Landecker fresh market

The weekly Landecker Frischemarkt promises a truly culinary experience. Even from a distance, the smell of local delicacies and specialties, which of course can be tasted locally in a cozy ambience, beckons.

Regional products

Regional products from TirolWest! Buy regional, enjoy regional food and of course feed yourself with the numerous products that are produced in the holiday region TirolWest. Here you will find the best of our region.

Tyrolean Schnapps Route

Embark on the Tyrolean Schnapps Route on a culinary journey of discovery through the variety of Tyrolean fruit brandies.


Find the right restaurant in the cultural capital of Landeck, in one of the resorts Zams, Tobadill, Grins, Stanz or Fließ and in the surrounding area.

Festival Stanz brennt

At the cult festival Stanz blaze, the tradition of distillery is duly celebrated. Thousands of visitors enjoy various fine spirits and culinary highlights.

Culture and history


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