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Fließer Blochziehen

01:00 O'Clock

After the Mass the "Bajazzl" announces the Blochziehen. At 12:00 clock ringing the "Schallner" a mask collection. When mask lift from the NMS to the Mühlbach-Platzle the full splendor of the figures can be enjoyed. This move with all its attractions such as "s'Fasnachtsgericht" and "d'Labra" the culmination of Fließer Fasnacht

Every 4 years the Fasnachtsverein Fliess invites you to traditional Bloch-pulling. It is a procession with different masks pulling a bloch (tree) through the village of Fließ.

The Bloch is accompanied by witches, bears, forest people, hunters, Schallner, Holzer, gypsies and the Bajazzln. The move ends at the school and club center in Fliess, where the Bloch is auctioned by the mayor of the municipality of Fließ. Finally, the "Labra" is read, cheeky comments on the village life in flow, which is thought to stimulate reflection and smiles.

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Name:Fasnachtsverein Fließ, Obmann Gigele Reinhold
Street:Fließ 231b
City:6521 Fließ

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Street / number:Dorf 120
Zip code:6521
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From Landeck-Zams Bahnhof, Österreich to Community flow

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