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Landeck shopping night 2024

14:00 O'Clock

Shopping in the Landeck region! Join us on August 29, 2024 for a special encounter of diverse shopping experiences and immerse yourself in the world of retail and gastronomy! A day full of shopping highlights awaits you!

The Landeck shopping night has been an integral part of the summer shopping scene in the district capital for many years.
hustle and bustle in the district capital. This year we would like to take you on a special
shopping night we would like to take you on a special journey of shopping experiences and the diverse
world of retail and gastronomy.

The colorful program is designed to provide a day full of exciting insights behind the scenes and
behind the scenes and production facilities, offer product experiences and provide
entertainment and discoveries at every turn. In addition to the musical
highlights and gastronomic offerings, there are plenty of experiences waiting to be
to be tried out.
Name:Talkesselmarketing GmbH
Street:Malserstr. 47a
City:6500 Landeck
Phone:+43 664 1441376

Event location
Name:TVB TirolWest
Street / House number:Malserstraße 47a
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