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2nd Via Claudia Festival

20:00 O'Clock
Repeat: Daily unitl 18.06.2023
Further Dates:

On 17 and 18.06. the 2nd Via Claudia Festival will take place in Fliess


Saturday, 6/17/2013


20:00: Lecture Prof. Dr. Gerald Grabherr: "Cultural transfer along the Via Claudia Augusta"

Walter Flotzinger, Roman experimental group LEGIO XV
"Life and tasks of Roman legionaries"

Sunday, 6/18/2013


09:00: guided hike from Landeck Castle to Fliess


11:30: Start of the festival at the fairground near the school, greetings, framing by the music band



Via Claudia festival with historical Roman and Celtic groups


13:00: Marching in of the Roman and Celtic groups


Performances by the groups:

  • camp life
  • Salt boiling
  • Bread baking
  • Archery
  • Fencing
  • Exercise program by LEGIO XV
  • Children's program with Roman games
  • Musical framing

Return transport possibility of the hikers to Landeck with the nature park bus

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Name:Museumsverein Fließ
City:6521 Fließ

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from Landeck-Zams Bahnhof, Österreich to Fließ

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