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Friday night ... of the boogie woogie

01:00 O'Clock

Boogie is joie de vivre, boogie is fun, boogie brings momentum to life and to Zone82. Tickets and more information at ticket.mariva.at or +43.676.48600082

Katharina Alber & Friends bring boogie woogie, blues, rock'n'roll & swing. Let yourself be carried away by Boogiekathi - swinging and dancing is allowed. The evening brings a spontaneous idea, let yourself be surprised.


We dive into the 30's of the American lifestyle. Burgers, Hot Dog Rolls, Chicken Nachos, Various Pinwheels. In short: finger food at its best, served on the fly and distributed at various stations in the pub and event club.

Please note:
7 pm admission | aperitif
19:30 Buffet or service of delicacies
20.45 Start with the art program

Information at: https://www.freitagnacht.at/

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Admission 45,00
City and contact
Name:Zone 82
Street:Malserstraße 82
City:6500 Landeck

Event location
Street / number:Malserstraße 82
Zip code:6500
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From Landeck-Zams Bahnhof, Österreich to Zone 82

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