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Kultfest Stanz burns 2022 (canceled 2021!)

09:30 O'Clock

"Cosiness is felt where good schnapps and humor are combined." - This saying seems made for the small, tranquil village above Landeck - the distillery village of STANZ. On September 5th, 2021 the whole village will celebrate the cult festival "Stanz brennt" with numerous specialties. Liquor lovers and connoisseurs come from near and far to the small, idyllic distillery village and can not only take guided tours through the individual distilleries and look over the shoulders of the distillers, but of course also taste the fine brandies. Unfortunately, there will be no Stanz burns in 2021, because from an organizational point of view, the festival with the conditions due to Covid-19 is not possible. But we are looking forward to 2022 and then we will fully take off

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Name:Ferienregion TirolWest
Street:Malserstr. 10
City:6500 Landeck
Phone:+43 5442 65600

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Name:Tourismusverband TirolWest
Street / House number:Hauptplatz 6
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From Landeck-Zams Bahnhof, Österreich to Stanz

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