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Fließ - archeology, history and nature

09:30 O'Clock
Repeat: weekly unitl 29.09.2021

On a tour of the nature park community Fließ you can experience the beauty of nature as well as the numerous cultural and archaeological features very close. NEW from summer 2020: Visit to the "Marth-Haus" - one of the oldest houses in Fließ, around which some history has to do. The bus to the event is free from Landeck to Fließ and back with the TirolWest Card. No registration needed

free with the TirolWest Card
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Name:Ferienregion TirolWest
Street:Malserstr. 10
City:6500 Landeck

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From Landeck-Zams Bahnhof, Österreich to Flie�

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