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Aromatherapy - healing power of the trees

10:00 O'Clock

With healing wood, protective bark and strengthening foliage, the trees support us to a great extent. In a tree ceremony one encounters these large medicinal plants. With Ingeborg Sponsel, gardener and specialist in medicinal plants, they learn to use the medicine chest for their health and cook together a resin ointment and a tree soup by the open fire. Cost € 59,00. Meeting point Trams (in front of the Hotel Tramserhof). Registration (is binding) and more information at: grafik@michaelathoeni.at or Tel. +43 676 6451771

Admission 60,00
City and contact
Name:"Zammer Kräuterhex" Michaela Thöni
Street:Sanatoriumstraße 24
City:6511 Zams
Phone:+43 676 64551771

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Name:Zammer Kräuterhex
Street / number:Sanatoriumstrasse 24
Zip code:6511
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From Landeck-Zams Bahnhof, Österreich to Zammer herbal extract

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