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Theater "The three bears" Winkelbühne Prutz

20:00 O'Clock
Repeat: Daily unitl 23.08.2019

Well established on a farm far from civilization, three brothers lead a modest but apparently happy life. The only woman in the life of the three is the resolute housekeeper Veronika. Fate wants it finally, that quite a movement comes to the yard. Ironically, at the Haldeneggerhof a child is placed outside the door and all 3 bachelors develop father feelings for the infant. And that's not all, the pastor sends the attractive housekeeper "Maralen" to the polar bears as "support". Whether it will stay with all three at "free solo" or whether the pretty Maralen will change the course of the three life stories? ...... Ticket reservation exact dates and more information www.winklbuehne.at or Tel. +43 0664 5709164

City and contact
Name:Winklbühne Prutz/Faggen
Street:Kulturzentrum Winkl
City:6522 Prutz
Phone:+43 664 5709164
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