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Sprouts - the small power plants

19:00 O'Clock

Water, air and light - a seedling begins to sprout and one of the most natural, healthiest and tastiest foods is born. Sprout is not the same rung. There are various groups, cereals, sprouts and legumes. Cereal sprouts taste great in muesli, sprouts refine their salad and legumes are an alternative snack. Course leader: Maria Pircher, www.sprossengarten.at. Registration (is binding) and more information at: grafik@michaelathoeni.at or Tel. +43 676 6451771

City and contact
Name:"Zammer Kräuterhex" Michaela Thöni
Street:Sanatoriumstraße 24
City:6511 Zams
Phone:+43 676 64551771

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Name:Zammer Kräuterhex
Street / number:Sanatoriumstrasse 24
Zip code:6511
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From Landeck-Zams Bahnhof, Österreich to Zammer herbal extract

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