Event Tips - Holiday in the holidayregion TirolWest

Event Tips in TirolWest

 19:30 O'Clock

Winter magic in Zammer Lochputz

In the wintry Zammer Lochputz, not only the ice crystals shine, but also the eyes of the visitors. Every Wednesday from the end of December to the end of February evening tours are offered through the mystic gorge. Before the hike, the legendary Zammer Lochputz is told by the expert guides of the mountain rescue service. Last tour starts at 21:00. (Free with the TirolWest Card, no registration required)

 09:00 O'Clock

Fresh Market

Every Friday in the Malserstraße in Landeck of 10:00 until 17:00 clock the Frischemarkt instead. There are waiting a lot of culinary delicacies, fresh fruit and cheeses to fine wines and other regional specialties. Please note special offers such as cooking demonstrations or the like after pronouncement

 19:00 O'Clock

Friday night ... of the boogie woogie

Boogie is joie de vivre, boogie is fun, boogie brings momentum to life and into the Zone82. Tickets and more information at ticket.mariva.at or +43 676 48600082

 19:00 O'Clock

Friday night ... Gabriel Castaneda's Best of - Chili Chili

The well-known cabaret artist from Grins presents the highlights from his past programs and also has a lot of new stuff in his luggage! Tickets and more information at ticket.mariva.at or +43 676 48600082

 12:00 O'Clock

Fließer Blochziehen

After the Mass the "Bajazzl" announces the Blochziehen. At 12:00 clock ringing the "Schallner" a mask collection. When mask lift from the NMS to the Mühlbach-Platzle the full splendor of the figures can be enjoyed. This move with all its attractions such as "s'Fasnachtsgericht" and "d'Labra" the culmination of Fließer Fasnacht

 17:00 O'Clock


Happiness is the only thing that doubles when you share it - that seems to be the motto for one of the oldest customs of the holiday region TirolWest - the slicing. To get good luck again this year, young and old meet again at Kas-Sunti. Landeck: in the districts Bruggen, Angedair, Perugia, Perfuchsberg, Perjen and on the trams. Zams: at the Riefenlift, Feuerwehrhalle Lahnbach. Punching: in the village center. Grins: at the Eichigbühel and in Gurnau. Tobadill: on the village square


City festival in Landeck

For years, the city festival has inspired visitors from near and far with its rich program. For fun and entertainment, as every year, many bands, music groups and festivals are provided


Street food festival in Landeck

The EUROPEAN STREET FOOD FESTIVAL will be back in Austria in 2020! Of course there will be hundreds of delicacies from all over the world, dozens of exhibitors, food trucks and chefs !!

 09:30 O'Clock

Kultfest Punch Burns

"Comfort is felt where good schnapps and humor are combined." - This saying seems made for the small, tranquil village above Landeck - the distillery village STANZ. On September 6th, 2020, the whole village will once again celebrate the cult festival "Stanz brennt" with numerous specialties. Schnapps lovers and connoisseurs come from far and wide to the small, idyllic schnapps distillery village and can not only take tours of the individual distilleries and look over the shoulders of the schnapps distillers, but of course also taste the fine spirits

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