Talrunde Landeck-Zams - Holiday in the holidayregion TirolWest

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Talrunde Landeck-Zams

A leisurely walk around the basin - from Schloss Landeck to Zammer Lochputz and back via the Burschl church.

The tourist office Landeck leads the way across the Maisengasse to the Öd. It is worth taking a detour to Schloss Landeck, where the history of the Tyrolean Oberland is presented.
Then it goes on to Zams and Zammer Lochputz - Tyrol's mystical gorge - past on little busy roads to Burschlbrücke. Over the Burschlbrücke and a short steep climb, the path leads to the district of Perfuchs and further on the historic Gerberbrücke back to the starting point.

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Path surface:Asphalt, Forstweg
Loop tour:Yes

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