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Wild Paws Adventure

Wild Paws Adventure

Sled ride:
150€ - 1 person - 1 ride about 15km the longer the better
175€ - 2 people (1 adult 1 toddler or 2 children) - 1 ride about 15km
200€ - 3 toddlers - 1 ride about. 15km

Dates: Only in winter when snow after telephone registration otherwise in autumn - Wagerlfahrten

Husky - hike

Short distance, duration approx. 45min at 40€
Middle distance, duration about 1.5 h at 50€
Long distance, duration about 2.5h at 80€

Children up to 15 each at half

Dates: All year - after telephone registration

Terms of participation: Husky - Hike

- Minors only in the company of an adult
- no physical restrictions
- normal physical fitness / condition
- no acute cardiovascular problems
- (not suitable for knee or hip problems)

Ref. of the hike, the medium or long distance has proven itself.

Children's Adventure

For the dogs, a group of up to 8 people is fine.

In the children's adventure, we can take up to a maximum of 4 huskies, which must be led by an adult.
The dog(s) will be harnessed by belly strap and leash in front of you.

In the adventure, it is a hike.
Here, the procedure is that of a slightly different scavenger hunt, where the children solve various puzzles and certain tasks.
Duration: This lasts depending on the children's group total of about 2 - 2.5 hours.

At the end of the adventure awaits the children a sweet surprise.

Per person is a contribution of € 30, - on.

Dates: All year - after telephone registration

It is absolutely necessary a weather-adapted (and waterproof) clothing or. good footwear (winter, hiking or mountain boots preferably ankle-high) to wear.

According to experience, you should bring a cold / warm drink and something to eat (eg sausage sandwich) for afterwards, as the children will be quite tired and exhausted after the adventure.

Get to know

Want to experience for yourself how it feels to live with a Siberian Husky pack? We would be happy to invite you to visit us and tell you a little about the proper handling of dogs, interesting facts about this breed, their care, our sport, how we feed our dogs and how our training is structured in all respects. All this takes place in the free run of our dogs.

Participation: from 6 years

Recommended equipment: Depending on the weather, weatherproof, warm, comfortable, airy but closed clothing (even in summer - at least when getting to know the dogs! Afterwards gladly with T-shirt)

Duration: approx. 1 1/2 hours
Dates: All year - after telephone registration
Meeting place: Tuffweg 12 - 6522 Prutz

EUR 25,- per person from 16 years
EUR 18,- per child up to 15 years

Registration and booking under the
Website of Wild Paws Adventure


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