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Via Claudia Augusta

The Via Claudia Augusta leads to more than 500 km from Donauwörth (D) via Landeck (A) to Ostiglia (I). The Via Claudia Augusta is considered the easiest way to cross the Alps on a touring bike. To make it even easier, you can take advantage of the bicycle shuttles that will carry you up any or all of the passes en route. It is an adventure most people can manage.

Along the Via Claudia Augusta cycling route, the ancient culture and trade road of the Roman Empire comes back to life. It is incredibly diverse: three countries, the Alps, ten regions, and three climate zones stretching from the north to the south of Europe offer a magnificent range of landscapes . Cyclists get to marvel at a new landscape every twenty or thirty kilometers. In late April and early May, you might even experience three seasons during a single cycling tour: bike along a late, snow-covered field on a shady part of the Fernpass, sunbathe by the Adriatic Sea, and take in all facets of spring in between. Apart from this cornucopia of landscapes, you will encounter lively towns, pretty villages, hundreds of historical sites, welcoming people and their fascinating cultures.
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Path surface:Asphalt, Forstweg, Waldweg

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Via Claudia Augusta:Yes

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Documentation Center VCA

Kultur: Documentation Center VCA

The Documentation Center Via Claudia Augusta documents the Roman Kaiserstraße. In the display cases, finds from the Via Claudia Augusta and a copy of the Tabula Peutingeriana, the only surviving Roman road map, can be admired.

Landeck Castle

Family holidays: Landeck Castle

Discover Landeck Castle with its local history museum, the Schlossgalerie and its events.

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