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Parish church Grins

The parish church of Grins is dedicated to St. Nicholas. 1434, the parish church was mentioned as "sand Niklaws churches to Grins" documentary. The present rococo church was built in 1775.

From the older church is still built in the facade built tower. The late Baroque hall building is one of the most important in the country. Noteworthy are next to the wrought-iron rococo cross left in front of the church tower also numerous other forged grave crosses.

Parish church Grins


Name:Pfarrkirche Grins
Street / House number:Grins 79a

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Winter walking: Grins Gmar Grist

From the parish church in Grins, follow the road in the direction of Pians. Climb up to Gmar and Grist and follow the road back to the starting point.

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From Zams it goes via Landeck and Stanz to Pians, Strengen and Flirsch.