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Parish Church Stanz

The parish church Stanz is dedicated to St. Apostle Peter and Paul and is located on the Way of St. James. Stanz was until 1271 the original parish for the area of ​​Schönwies to Arlberg.

The parish church of the holy apostles Peter and Paul already points to an old age due to the patricinium. Reminiscent of the once Romanesque church, the tower to the Spitzhelm. With the exception of the tower, the Romanesque church had to give way to the Gothic new building around 1470. This church was consecrated in 1482 and has retained its former appearance substantially until today or recovered by the recent renovation.
The sacristy is a separate annex of the 16th century and was enlarged in 1910. In the 17th century, the church tower was plastered and painted with architectural structures, leaving the nave unchanged. The baroque form of the spire was rebuilt in 1910 in the sense of a regotization. The Baroque painted condition with the tower helm of the turn of the century shows today after the restoration. Like the tower in 1910, the nave and the choir were repainted and arranged with painted corner blocks.
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Parish Church Stanz


Name:Pfarrkirche Stanz
Street / number:Stanz
Zip code:6500

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