Capuchin Monastery Perjen - Landeck

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Capuchin Monastery Perjen - Landeck

As early as 1670, the inhabitants of Angedair and Perfuchs tried to reach the Capuchin settlement in their village, but only in the 20th century. this request was met by the Order.

The suitable location for the new monastery was in the Perjen district, which had grown considerably since the construction of the railway and still had no pastoral care of its own. On the occasion of the extension of the church, the church was reoriented, adapted the previous, five-sided closed choir of the Baroque building as a vestibule and extended the three-bay longhouse by the insertion of a cross-ship-like yoke and the addition of a semicircular closed choir.
The interior of the church is accessed through a large arched portal with baroque windows above and brightened by large flachbogige window openings. It shows a light-filled room, whose three baroque longhouse yokes are overgrown by a ditch pot resting on pilasters. The most important work of art of the church is the high altar, which is particularly emphasized by its size, the side sacrificial portals and the triple columnar position.
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Capuchin Monastery Perjen - Landeck


Name:Kapuzinerkirche Perjen
Street / number:Kirchenstraße 14
Zip code:6500

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